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The Seafood Lover’s Guide to Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week is upon us, and we hope you’re as excited as we are! Here’s a list of must try, seafood dishes, and restaurants to visit in the East and in Port of Spain!

Panko Tilapia Shrimp Rose (Trader Jack’s Island Grill)

As the famous local ode to this tasty fish goes…. Tilapiaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

This dish consists of Tilapia breaded in panko, topped with a shrimp rose, served with jasmine rice and sautéed baby spinach. We already want seconds, and thirds…

Lemon Glazed Mahi Mahi

This is another must-try from Trader Jack’s Island Grill, delicious Mahi Mahi fillet grilled and glazed with a lemon jus and served with plantains, sautéed baby spinach and tomato salsa.

Did you know Mahi Mahi has a mild flavour, almost leaning toward sweet? It’s both healthy and yummy, packing a punch of protein, vitamin b-complex, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Our favourite part, this fish has a rich iron content that is easily absorbed by our bodies.

Creamy Mussels and Shrimp

Get in on the restaurant week action with this dish! Mussels and Shrimp sautéed in a cream sauce served with mashed potato and garnished with garlic bread.

Garlic! Yummmmm.

Pescado Pasta Bowl (J.Malone’s)

Personally, I’ve never come across a pasta dish I didn’t love. Cheese is my middle name. Then J. Malone’s goes and adds parmesan cheese and heavy cream! Sprinkled with red chilli flakes and topped with garlic bread, this is a true recipe for a good time.

It’s got broccoli, that’s healthy, right? Visit J. Malone’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in Trincity Mall to enjoy this one.

Green Papaya Curry Shrimp & Lobster

Lobster meat, shrimp and papaya cooked in curry coconut sauce served with jasmine rice and vegetable medley. This just sounds like a perfect Trinidadian dish, don’t you agree?

Shrimp and Fries

At Restaurant week, there’s something for everyone, even the kids! Have your kiddies try this hand battered, fried shrimp served with fries and honey mustard. Make memories, they don’t stay small forever.

If you’re looking for something to do from September 28th – October 7th this is a fun, cost-effective way to try dishes from restaurants you may not have visited before. It’s also perfect to have your relatives and friends from foreign get a taste of our local cuisine and dining experience for much less than usual.

For more information on these dishes and much more check them out on Facebook or contact:

Trader Jack’s Island Grill at 625-5225 or 235-3764

J. Malone’s Irish Restaurant and Pub at 640-5080

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