5 Awesome Trini Women Share Powerful Messages

Today, the world celebrates women. And, boy do we deserve it! #IWD2017!

Women love, guide, inspire, protect, nurture (… the list really could go on). No matter who you are or where you’re from, I’m sure there’s at least one woman who’s positively influenced your life in a way no one else could. She taught you how to be the best version of yourself. (It’s okay. Take a minute to give her, or them, a call and say “I’m thinking of you. Thank you for all you’ve done for me”. She, or they, had a hand in making you the amazing person you are today, after all.) Great job at being awesome ladies! #BeBoldForChange

While some women reserve their wise words for private audiences, others take to the stage. Here are five TEDx Port of Spain talks, from Trinidadian women, to add to your arsenal of mom, grandma, auntie (sister, teacher, cousin, bbf … women are everywhere!) advice on how to live your best life.


Verna St Rose Greaves teaches us the strength of a mother’s love for her children (and grandchildren) in her moving TEDx Talk, titled Love in a Shoe Box.


What do you do when someone cat calls you on the street, or verbally attacks you because of who you are? Timmia Hearn Feldman suggests influencing positive change by reacting with the same level of respect you know that person should have afforded you (but didn’t). Take a listen to her talk, Revolution of respect to learn more.


Maria Nunes tells us why it’s important to know and appreciate where we come from. Our story is older than we think, she says.


It takes courage to follow your dreams, but it takes even more to seek your destiny with your integrity intact. Courageously Lucky: Gillian Lucky tells us why it’s important to be courageous, to have someone by your side and to hold on to your integrity, no matter what.


Gabrielle Hosein explains why you’re either in support of “equality for all, or not equality at all,” in her talk, If I was Prime Minister – ending sexism and homophobia.

Don’t stop here though. Visit TEDx Port-of-Spain online, for more sage advice from Trinidad and Tobago’s very own thought leaders. And check out the TED Talks website for even more!



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